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the 'crackle box' is back

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check out how tom bugs from bristol carries on the crackle!"

Alive in Beirut:
Mazen Kerbaj





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current state:

touched by sound, happy to be surprised, even into extasy, searching = breathing, seeing in silence, making something work, electronica slowly becoming farming , works at steim amsterdam, no concerts for a while, tells stories, since a number of months fighting mean cells and is working on: 'life at the data farm'

projects recent and older:

preparing the release of a new cd containing duets with christine sehnaoui with mazen kerbaj as the producer!

in november 2007 presented simultaneously live at v2 in rotterdam and in second life: 'the patafone'. this is a playable sound instrument for avatars in second life ! goto patafone in second life

designing and testing new instruments for steim's mobile touch exhibition together with frank baldé

composing sounds and sound strategies for a new live performance instrument to be played in the 'composing the now' project in 2008

working on a possible re-issue of the grand old crackle synthesizer

after recording at the grm in paris with alto-saxophonist christine sehnaoui working on cd to be published in spring 2008

cd: 'In Tune' is out !

it's available through sonig.
this is the first cd after having hapilly stopped making records since 1978!

working on the 'energy' project. electronic music instruments that are fully powered by the energy of the players body. energizing the musical expression through physical effort

working on a new sonic engagement performance game with and for children. multiplayer instrument as challenge for the exploration of new ensemble forms

developing 'junXion' and 'LiSa' software with Frank Baldé

working on 'intention space' a theory for the interpretation of gestural data; a gorgious attempt to create enchanted technology for live performance



The Hands !


r & d projects:

OIK project




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